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ano sa, stop tempting me, i might give in...


29 November 1988
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im an obssessive compulsive person
who is quite eccentric
a bit introverted and extroverted at the same time
i just found out that i am a people-oriented person.. nanda?!
My Claims:
☆~{Akanishi Jin!}~☆EVIL~TWINBlog Crew
I got Nanba Minami-sempai forChristmas!
i had an AFFAIR with Gackt-sama
On White Day, Ikuta Toma! <3 gave me hand-made treats in return for the gifts that I gave him on Valentines

My heart beats faster when I see「Kamenashi Kazuya
Hayato X Ryu from Gokusen IIare love love ⸗
Today I left a box of outside »Ikuta Toma«'s door. Later he sent me an sms saying "I loved them, thank you
[Kamenashi Kazuya] came to [Philippines] and held a concert with ME in it.
Photobucketbaby bottle~~baby bottlePhotobucket
heart flashKamenashi Kazuya's MY babies daddy!heart flash
Photobucketbaby bottle~~baby bottlePhotobucket

Yesterday [Kamenashi Kazuya, Akanishi Jin, Nishikido Ryo and Ohkura Tadayoshi] told me:
"Some love lasts a lifetime.
My love for you lasts forever."

**can you tell?! im a very lucky girl, ne? XDDD
'I claimed Kamenashi Kazuya's Butt @ kattun_claims'
'I claimed Akanishi Jin's Voice @ kattun_claims'
'I claimed Kamenashi Kazuya's Lips @ kattun_claims'
'I claimed Odagiri Ryu @ kattun_claims'
'I claimed Shochikubai Miroku X Kanzaki Hiroto drama pairing @ kattun_claims'

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